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Why'Clients who would recommend you' disappeared

Ace Contributor


I find in my stats that ' Clients who would recommend you ' number was 45% removed and now its just dash ''-''

What it's means ?


My (clients who would recommend you) was 93% yesterday, Today it appears (-), after the 2 weeks update. I can't understand this issue


Same Issue here

Community Guru

My Stats -> Client satisfaction -> Clients who would recommend you - Has gone!


Is it only for my case or is it a bug?


Thank you

I have the same issue.

Now we all have the same issue & it will be fixed very soon.

@Shihab-Ul H wrote:

(...) it will be fixed very soon.

 No later than 2020.

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@Rene K wrote:

@Shihab-Ul H wrote:

(...) it will be fixed very soon.

 No later than 2020.

Ever the optimist.

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I can see the percentage on my stats page... funny thing is - I don't think it ever changed - it stayed the same ever since my stats page was introduced (even when I wasn't top rated, it was still the same number)

Well, I too have a dash now---again.  I've had a dash since beginning with oDesk in early 2014 and had contacted "Help and Support" a couple of weeks ago asking when I'd see a %.  They told me I didn't have enough jobs for one to be computed/show yet.  I was at 8 jobs. 


I'm still at 8 jobs, but the Client closed the most recent contract and issued me 5 star Public feedback; and I sincerely believe positive Private Feedback as well.  Upon checking stats early yesterday morning----Voila, there it was---100% for Clients that Would Recommend me.  Today just a dash again...  Oh my...Smiley Sad     Smiley Frustrated      

Community Guru

Mine's been this way for a few days, too. It's probably just some site-wide bug.

Community Guru

I am also having this issue. (I am only adding a "me too" since it sounds like engineers might be looking at individuals vs. treating it as a system-wide glitch?)


The same is happening to me. I was starting to get worried. Phew.


Anyway, another doubt that I have is if this percentage of reccomendation affects my JSS?


Upwork should inform clients about the consequences of their actions, wich is something that I don't think happens. So for example, a client may have loved working with me but just because most people have the idea that "nothing and no one is perfect" they might give us, freelancers, 7, 8s or something. But that's probably because they don't know how badly they can be affecting a freelancer profile. 


Anyway this is just a minor suggestion. I love Upwork and would love to see it improving more and more after all!




I didn't see "Clients who would recommend you". Is there any problem here Please let me know. See screenshot below.Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 12.49.27 AM.png

Thanks !!


Joynul, you're in good company. A lot of freelancers, including me, have the same problem, but never fear because  Upwork team is investigating. Cat Wink

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Thank you very much for your information.


Me too (Also adding as Samantha has 🙂 

Noelia B.
Community Leader

Same issue here!

I have the same problemMan Sad



Me too - a dash - not even an em dash, just a dashed dash.


Also my communication bars are not showing 100% and that is a dashed lie . . .