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Why I am not getting any job from last 1 year with 90% JS rating

During the last few months, my profile is around 90%. Honestly, I am not getting any job here. I am applying for new jobs but no one is replying. I am from Elance and had an excellent work history over there.


Could anyone please help me to sort out the issue why I am not able to get work.


Thanks in advance.


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I can't see anything obvious from your profile.  I have however heard that clients tend to be pickier and start fewer projects during Q4 due to the holiday season.


If you're having trouble landing jobs, one thing that has helped me in the past is to try a few different styles of cover letters.  Experiment and see if something works better for you.  I've landed some big $$ clients with two-sentence cover letters.


Best of luck!

Thanks  Joseph Sir.

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