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Why I am not getting any response from client on submitted proposals (nearly 30 ) ?

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NisarAhmed M Member Since: Oct 31, 2019
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Hi Community,
I have completed my first job time ago and it was successful and client ended the contract after successful completion of the job.  The Job cost nearly $250. So it was a big amount for the freelancer who has started at first instance.

Then after, I have purchased the membership and within that, I started submitting a proposal with the same layout as my first job which has win the job, but unluckily till then, I was unable to get any response from any client on any proposals. I am worried about my profile at this stage.

To date, I have submitted nearly 30 proposals but no response yet. It took nearly 80+ connect to submit those proposals after the successful completion of the first job.

I have submitted proposal on the job which is recommended by my profile and obviously I am good with those recommended skills.

Do I am doing anything wrong?
Is there anything wrong with my profile which we cannot come to know from the frontend?

Hoping for some positive response which makes my profile strong enough.


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Kanan I Member Since: Mar 3, 2020
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There might be several reasons which none of the group member can tell without knowing more details. Mainly you can think it can be about the pandemic. Positively speaking.

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NisarAhmed M Member Since: Oct 31, 2019
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Thanks, Kanan
Yes, I am too positive, but need to worry about the profile too. Smiley Happy
What more details are required by a community member? I am willing to share all the possible required details

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Juan C Member Since: Nov 21, 2013
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Besides the current situation of the pandemic, I'd say don't use whatever worked for you one time as a layout for multiple proposals.


About your profile.

-The images in your portfolio have problems.

-I would not use "MY PASSION" twice on the same line and in all caps.

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NisarAhmed M Member Since: Oct 31, 2019
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Thanks, Juan for your feedback.
I have fixed the issue provided by you and I am modifying the proposal as per the job requirement too.
Can anyone share the proposal for a WordPress Developer?
Let say the requirement is :
I want to develop WooCommerce Payment Gateway Plugin