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Why I am not getting enough job invitations?

I have been working on upwork since 2013. I have completed good numbers of projects, also worked 14000+ hours, top rated with 100% job success all time. But I am not getting enough job invitations and finally not getting job. For many months I have no work sometimes. But I see around a lot of my friends and also upwork user on my category (lower level experience and less completed projects) are gettting good number of invitations. is there anyone know what is the problem here? 

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How upwork make list of freelancers here? I see I never here. I see many freelancers here with less job success score and with less skill.




Hi Rasel,


Please know that you can also submit proposals to jobs that you think are a good fit for your skills and experiences. You may want to check the following links to help you have a higher chance of getting noticed by clients:


- How to Make Your Freelancer Profile More Visible & Appealing to Big Clients on Upwork

-Enhance Your Upwork Freelancer Profile for Greater Success 

- How to Create a Proposal That Wins Jobs


If you are trying to see if clients can find you in search results, please note that search results will be different depending on who is searching. The results you see will differ from the results a client gets, searching for a particular job they posted. That way, we want to make sure that every professional gets a chance to be discovered and every client finds what they are looking for.


We hope this helps!


~ Joanne

Hi Joanne,
Sorry to interrupt but your reply was for an Upworker who is working here since 2013...7 years with great JSS and who already earned 200K! And you are suggesting him to submit proposals to jobs that he thinks are a good fit for his skills and experiences! He earned 200K without having that knowledge, you think so? It feels like a JOKE! In this way, a problem never meets a solution!
Do you know how many proposals are submitted for a job within a few minutes? Do you know what's the actual percentage of clients are actually hiring?

Hi Rafsun,


I only suggested for OP to try submitting proposals to jobs that he is also interested in if he is experiencing a decline in job invite as he mentioned in his post. I can't provide you with exact figures about the number of proposals submitted as well as the number of clients hiring, but depending on the freelancer's category and jobs that are in demand, invites can vary.

~ Joanne
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Rasel, one explanation could be that your profile simply lists too many things.

More specific profiles create an impression of an expert.

So, perhaps your profile doesn't attract those who are willing to pay top dollars and you might look overqualified for those seeking for "normal" freelancers.

Could this be the reason? Just update your profile.

The original post is from May. The OP has completed 14 projects in the past month alone, with more in progress. You guys are trying to solve a problem that no longer exists. 


OP, if you're still reading this thread, you ought to raise your prices. I have a feeling that clients would be willing to pay you more.


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