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Why IBAN not required?

when i add a payment method (Wire Transfer (USD)), IBAN not required?
The bank says that Iban must be added.
Can someone explain why there is no field for IBAN?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Pohorelov,


Wire Transfer option uses the SWIFT system and doesn't require an IBAN number. I understand you're most probably referring to the recent changes in this area in your country but you can still use the existing payment method in your Upwork account and receive funds in your local bank account without any issues.


Please do feel free to follow up with us if you experience any problems with receiving your funds when using this payment option. 


On a different topic and as a piece of personal advice, you might want to consider updating your profile name from all caps to only capitalizing the first letters of your name and surname. I'd also suggest expanding your general profile overview with more information about what you do, your skills and experience, and customizing your specialized profile to reflect the specific service you're offering in this specific job category.

~ Vladimir
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