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Why UpWork is down or slow all the time??

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Rahul D Member Since: Sep 6, 2012
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It is difficult to use odesk/upwork now a days. It always goes Down or getting slow or Gateway time-out. I loved oDesk but when it became UpWork, makes my experience frustrating and much time consuming.


1. TOP Navigation Bar is getting disappear many time.


2. When we apply for any job or interview, we spent time to write good cover latter and it just goes down when we hit submit button.

I started using notepad to write cover letter so that do not lose it when website goes down.

3. Screenshots does not upload many times.


4. Work Diary says ""Just a sec loading..."" but does never load.


I have attached few screenshots.









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Stella L Member Since: Jun 11, 2015
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I have the same issue too,it is so weird.
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Khadezatul K Member Since: May 1, 2015
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yes thats correct I am facing now the same issue also,it is so weird.


But why?????????????????????????Smiley Sad

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Abdul R Member Since: Dec 4, 2014
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Hello Rahul,


You can have this issue in the peak hours like in the Morning or Evening timings. Yeah, it's correct even clear cookies do'nt work. 


Updating website can also cause of it. 


You do'nt need to do nothing. Just relax and do something else for a while to avoid frustration.


Thank you, 



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Natasha R Member Since: Aug 2, 2010
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Zut, alors!

The server is overloaded. Please wait a moment and try again.


Nothing to see here, folks.

The server is overloaded. Please wait a moment and try again.


Well, this is awkward.

The server is overloaded. Please wait a moment and try again.


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Steve E Member Since: Jun 22, 2015
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You forgot "Holy Guacamole." Smiley Frustrated

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Brenda N Member Since: Sep 9, 2015
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The cute messages are just all the more irritating to me, and I haven't even starting working here yet - just one beloved client from Elance. We both moved together. Now I am just freaked that work is going to be impossible here.


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Ronald T Member Since: Sep 14, 2009
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"Well, Upwork is awkward," so why expect more from the website?


Any improvements to poorly coded features or buggy code in general (esp., their HTML5) would certainly improve overall performance. Upwork uses CloudFlare CDN (content delivery network) for the core platform, which is used successfully worldwide for enterprise level (large WANs) networked websites that are far more complex than Upwork. Hence, I believe the root causes of problems with connectively via CDN are due to issues with the Upwork core site and Upwork's CDN configurations.


Learn more about "Content delivery network" (CDN) at


Regarding outages and overloads, if I recall correctly, in addition to copies of Upwork Web pages on CloudFlare servers the Upwork core site is hosted on Amazon servers (some of the best worldwide). There are a lot of reasons for outages and overloading: poorly configured software, poorly configured hardware, inadeqaute hardward, and even the occassional DOS attack [or worse] (Ref.: ).


Of course, a lot also depends on the location from which the Upwork site is accessed. Check out the "Network World Response" from your location via


Please, no BAs or Kudos....

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Victor S Member Since: Jun 27, 2017
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I can't agree more with Donald. They need better architecture when it comes to the server side. The code can be another factor in this painful issue. You would think that having some many talents available to make a better platform, but is not the case.

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Robert A Member Since: Jan 8, 2015
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It has been pretty aweful since the change over to upwork.....its probably time to find an alternative.

Why have they changed something that worked pretty well OK to something that is a drudge. The organisation of messages is now almost unworkable. **edited for Community Guidelines** You can do that only if your a good manager. Otherwise it ends up like this site.... a mess.