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Why Upwork Treating Elancers As Second-class citizen?

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Oreofe J Member Since: May 8, 2015
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Re:Why Elancers are treated as Second-class citizen in Odesk ecosystem?



Very important that I dont forget the OP's question.  You are only Second-class when you grant someone the permission to make you feel so or think so.  It's your call.

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Vladimir G Community Manager Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Rohan,


We’re committed to your success regardless of whether you began your experience on Elance or Upwork. As Petra explained, setting a number of completed hours is a preference clients can include in their job post, and it doesn't prevent you from applying to a job or getting hired. Please check this Community discussion on the same topic for more details.


Feel free to continue sending proposals on Upwork.

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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I don't feel like a second class citizen at all. I'm doing better here than Elance. And LOL at Elancers claiming that Elance wasn't a race to the bottom. That is so untrue.


I am doing better here. I have no problem getting my rate. I often bid higher than most and have a great response rate. I get a payout just about every day because I no longer need to worry about clients going MIA. 


I also got on board early instead of QQing at Elance not to close it, so I've managed to get some great repeat work and clients before the holidays. Instead of delaying the inevitable, I signed up before I could even merge my account to get the ball rolling early so I wouldn't be dumb and wait until last minute when I had no options. 


Upwork has allowed me to spend 3 weeks with my new awesome niece and work from here while I can't stop looking at her cute face. 😄


So no, I don't feel second class at all. I wish I had come here earlier.


ETA: Mods have been really helpful and answered all our Elance questions to make sure we understand everything, so I think we've gottem extra help.

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Evelina H Member Since: Jan 29, 2015
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Rohan, no one prevents you from applying to that job (as it was explained before me).


Here's a story:


I applied to a job. I met all the requirements, but the client chose a freelancer who DIDN'T meet her initial requirements. So, that's definitely not a strict rule. I wouldn't apply to a job only if the client wants a native English speaker. If I apply, then I'm lying. But if I don't meet some minimum hourly requirement or something like that, I'd still apply if I'm super confident I can deliver.


Well, in the end that client contacted me a few days ago telling me she didn't like her new logo and requested that I help her design a second logo. So, for some reason the guy she had hired, who didn't meet her requirements, wasn't such a good fit after all. No boasting, just sayin'.


Upwork has rules, but it's all fluent and in the end it's the freelancer who makes the right or wrong choice. Apply if you will, but be aware of what the client actually is looking for. If the client wants someone who had worked  at least 100 hours, then so be it.


Months ago, there was a job that required 1000 hours worked. I'm very far from that, but when I applied I stated that I have experience of the job outside of Upwork which amounts to much more than 1000 hours. The client contacted me. After she explained a bit further what she'd want from me, I realized this wasn't what I expected and I let her hire someone else.

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Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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Rohan, I have often had that message because I only work on a fixed-rate basis, and I only have six hours showing on my profile. I have been offered several jobs where according to Upwork (oDesk) I did not meet all the criteria. 


If you are interested in a job that shows this message, apply for it with words to the effect that you are an experienced freelancer etc. etc. You want to convince the client you are the man for the job - the client generally only puts the number of hours, because he doesn't want to hire a complete rookie. 

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John B Member Since: Feb 20, 2009
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I was once and still am an Elance freelancer.  


Once was an oDesk freelancer too.


Now I feel quite welcome here as an Upwork freelancer.


I heard the stories about the scams and the low ball clients and the captcha jobs and the rest...and witnessed it myself too from some clients (since i had so many clients now on here)


But I can only really tell you my true story of how oDesk / Elance / Upwork changed my life, how it let me realize one of my dreams to this day that continues.


It only takes one client to launch a career.  Upwork is no instant get rich scheme, you should think of it as a medium term goal as its taken me over 6 years to get here now.

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Wassim T Member Since: May 29, 2015
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As an Elancer, I find Upwork to be SO supportive when it comes to dealing with Elancers. If I were an oDesker, I would even feel jealous to the way Upwork deals with Elancers (doesn't mean Upwork doesn't care about oDeskers too).


I understand some of the terms here are different from Elance, and the same goes for the website functionality and the work progress, however this transition has saved you from being homeless if Elance was your only source of income. It's no secret anymore that you can somehow play on wording, and change a word like "acquisition" to "merger", however that's all for your own sake.


Upwork is taking SUPER care of all Elancers because it wants all contractors/clients to have a smooth transition and aid them to their new home.


I am sorry about your bad experience, but I cannot agree with the title of your thread because Elancers - like oDeskers - are treated as first class citizens.


Best regards,

Community Leader
Peter G Member Since: Aug 1, 2015
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Two key points:


1. As a veteran Elance member, I've yet to see any intentional discrimination by UW against Elancers who've migrated to this platform. That being said...


2. Certain UW features and policies may have introduced unintentional discrimination against them. For example, it was common among certain Elance members, especially writers, to avoid hourly jobs. Elance's community forum is stuffed with old threads in which people railed against hourly jobs because they didn't want to install "spyware" on their computers to qualify for hourly payment protection. Therefore, it's likely that the typical Elancer has logged fewer hours than the typical ODesk member.


In the OP's case ... yes, it was the buyer who insisted that freelancers have 100+ hours under their belts. But who suggested to the buyer that hours logged is a good metric for gauging a freelancer's experience and reliability? Upwork.

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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@Peter G wrote:


In the OP's case ... yes, it was the buyer who insisted that freelancers have 100+ hours under their belts.

 The buyer did not "insist" - the buyer set a preference.


I have won contracts where I didn't meet two or more of the preferences, and still walked away with the contract.

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Peter G Member Since: Aug 1, 2015
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@Petra - I'm delighted you won those assignments. 


In some instances, however, buyers stating a preference for 100 hours logged will stick to their guns, dismissing the bids of freelancers who don't meet that requirement/preference.


This issue doesn't affect me personally, but I can understand why some freelancers might be annoyed.