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Why am I not meeting the criteria?

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Rebecca P Member Since: Jul 11, 2014
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Hey Everybody, I'm a newbie to this particular website and still trying to figure out how this works. I created my profile, uploaded a picture, took the tests, etc. When I go to apply for jobs, a message comes up at the top of the screen that says I don't meet the criteria based on oDesk hours and Feedback score of 4.5. Could someone please explain why this is criteria for a beginner? Do I have to apply for jobs that specify no hours needed and newbies allowed? Thanks for all help in advance!
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David G Member Since: Oct 6, 2011
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The criteria are what the client is looking for in a contractor so this has nothing to do with oDesk's requirements. Now, you used to be able to apply for these jobs anyway if you thought you could do the job but oDesk has recently started hiding applications that don't meet requirements (or for some other reason that nobody really understands). This doesn't mean you can't apply for the job, it just means that your application might end up hidden. If you have a number of applications left, and think you can do a go job, then you might want to just apply. I used to apply for a number of jobs where I didn't meet the requirements but that was before oDesk's new brainchild of hiding applications.
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Najie B Member Since: Oct 8, 2013
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Hello, By default, job postings doesn't have any criteria, as long as the client didn't specify his/her preferences such as the following; Places like
  • North America only
  • East Asia only
  • etc.
While when it comes to hours clients can specify as well if the freelancer he/she was looking for already accumulated at least 100 hours in his/her oDesk profile but this is not set by default as well same thing goes with the rating criteria. Still you can apply for these jobs considering you didn't met the specified criteria, if you are capable of doing that job. Also I agree with David. I do not consider applying for these jobs as well since your application will be forwarded to the hidden application tab. Hope it helps Smiley Happy