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Why am I unable to submit proposals?

Hi Team,

why am i unable to submil a proposal ?

Kindly find the attachment.


Kind regards,

Ravi Kumar


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Hi Ravi,


I tried replicating your concern and found why you can't send proposals. Please update your rate accordingly. Let me know if anything comes up.





~ Riri

Hi Riri,


Thanks for the solution. I have updated the profile rate.

Now i can see the button "Submit a proposal" is Green, but when i click on it, it gives an error called "To submit a proposal, update your address".

Could you please help me resolve this solution.



Ravi KUmar

Hi Ravi,


You will need to add your full address before you`re able to submit a proposal. To do this please go to Settings > Contact Info > Location. Thank you.

~ Goran
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