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Why are Upwork allowing job postings of $3?

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Patricia T Member Since: May 28, 2017
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Vladimir if a client pays you a fixed rate of $28 for four hours of work and then changes to $2.50 per item that you have placed, is that something that has to be reported? I am asking because I am not sure. Whom do I report this to please? I tried to ask for more work from this client and Upwork would not accept the $2.50 I did bring it to his attention and he said he would fix it.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Your undertanding of this is incorrect.


For a fixed-price contract, the minimum is $5.00.


If a client sets up a fixed-price contract for $28.00, then that is $23 more than the minimum. There is no violation of any Upwork rule.


What? You say that the arrangement was for $28 for for hours of work?


That has nothing to do with Upwork. That is a mistake made between you and the client.


re: "Whom do I report this to please?"


You don't report this to anybody. A $28 fixed-price contract is NOT a violation of Upwork ToS.


Freelancers and clients should NOT try to mix fixed-price and hourly contracts as you have done. But that is not an Upwork ToS violation. You may not report this.

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Tiffany S Member Since: Jan 15, 2016
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Patricia, it sounds like that contract was pretty convoluted to begin with. You don't create a fixed price contract for four hours of work--you create a fixed price contract for a project-based rate or piece-based rate. A contract for four hours of work is an hourly contract on which you bill four hours.


The fact that the per-piece rate is below $5 isn't necessarily a problem, since it's the total contract price and not the per-item price that's of interest. The $5 contract may include one task or five or 2,785.


What does sound as if it may be problematic with your contract is that contracts on Upwork can't be entirely performance based. The client, can, for example, pay $5 PLUS a per-placement rate, but the contract can't be wholly commission-based.