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Why are all these skills missing from the skills options?

I've been looking at the skills selection recently, and I'm curious to know whether others have noticed similar issues.

When I go into the edit option and type a few of the skills I actually use into the search to see what's available, it looks like the ones I normally use are no longer there. Some notable skills related to my line of work that appear to be missing are as follows:

Technical editing
Copy editing
Academic editing

Proofreading is also missing, but Proofreading Feedback, something I've never heard of, is now available.  And when I type in "Latex," the name of a publishing system that's popular with people in STEM fields, the only suggestion I see is "Latex Paint."

What's going on? And could this be related to the lack of (non-scam) job invitations many people I know have been observing?

I know the job categories have changed. Has this also been "updated"?


Hi Renata,


I checked your profile and I can see that the skills you've mentioned are actually there. I also tried adding those same skills to my own profile and I'm able to. Have you tried checking from a different browser or the mobile app? Would you mind sharing a screenshot of what it looks like on your end?

~ Luiggi

Hi Luiggi,

Thanks for checking into this.

I think I see what's going on. The search feature won't include a keyword in the list of available options if you've already selected it. I was worried that not seeing it on the search meant that if I removed it, I might not be able to add it again. 

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