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Why are contractors urged to respond quickly and clients are not?

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Recently I have bid on a number of jobs and absolutely nothing has happened. The clients have been silent and left all applicants hanging. There is no sign that anyone is being interviewed let alone being hired. Are they prospecting and then hiring them outside of oDesk? My question is, why are contractors practically forced to respond as quickly as possible to an invitation from a client while the client can let a job posting languish indefinitely? It is very frustrating and as a somewhat successful contractor on oDesk to date, suddenly I am getting absolutely no response from anyone. Very frustrating. Is there something oDesk can implement that will encourage these clients to follow through with their listings one way or another?
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When I was still applying for jobs, I withdraw my application and pick 'client is unresponsive' after a certain period of time. I'm not sure but maybe that will help the platform to flag sluggish clients.

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This also happens when the client submit a report ticket against the contractor (ex: contractor left 1-star feedback to your client). If you did not respond quickly, odesk suspends your account so you could not work anymore. But when you report something against your client (ex: client unfairly left a negative feedback), odesk doesn't even bother to contact the client.
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Same happens when the client hired someone and left the job open without informing/declining other applicants. Your application quota is reduced by this kind jobs (open jobs with already hired contractors)