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Why are my Earnings still pending

Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Hannah, 


Thank you for participating in this thread. I would like to point out that this thread is from August of 2019. 

As for your concern, please know that only Upwork employees have the Upwork logo on their Community profile picture/account (just like how mine is displayed here). 

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Shaurya N Member Since: Sep 15, 2017
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Geez calm down, he asked a doubt. Can you not answer it and keep it at that?


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Tyler A Member Since: Oct 31, 2017
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Here's what amazes me, the service holds payments for no **bleep** reason and charges 20% when getting started. Is this supposed to entice people to come here? Then there are the restrictions on what you can apply to. I've nearly 7 years experience, does that matter since I've not spent that time solely on upwork, nope. I've only taken on roughly 3-4 projects from this site because of the rapeage and idiotic payment hostage taking. If I do the work, I get paid in contract work the day my invoice is sent. Any client tries to pull what you guys do, they'd never get the files. 


A joke. A really bad joke. 

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Stu S Member Since: Sep 10, 2018
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Then maybe you would know why I have this.

Hourly Contract
Pending 9/12/2018
How does that fit in the model you articulated?

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Ayesha S Member Since: Nov 22, 2009
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Hi Mehrez, the pending payments will become available on the date shown next to them on the Transactions page. The time frame is different for fixed and hourly jobs. It takes 6 days after the client sends payment to oDesk for fixed price jobs and 10 days for the hourly payments to become available for withdrawal. Please find details in the Weekly Pay Schedule. Also please note that if you work on a fixed price contract, the client "pays" and you still don't see a date on which they will become available on the Transactions page, this means that oDesk hasn't actually received payment yet from their payment method. Usually the date shows up within a day unless the payment method fails.
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Connal D Member Since: Sep 4, 2013
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It said last week my next payment is today. And it still isn't available, i was wondering do i have to wait for the exact hour i was recieved the money? Thanks! Connal
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Ayesha S Member Since: Nov 22, 2009
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Hi Connal, ODesk uses UTC to calculate time for work diary and security periods etc. Give it a few hours, depending on your own timezone, the payments will become available according to UTC time.
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Johnny A Member Since: Jun 14, 2011
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Just by looking at the OP's profile, it shows he is in Dublin, which is in line with UTC! Te he...maybe tomorrow or the next day bro.
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Stephen B Member Since: Dec 4, 2012
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Just a technicality but it may have caught you out Conal, but Ireland and Britain are in BST at the moment, which is actually UCT+1, although this doesn't reflect in the profile. It means that things tick over at 1AM our time, not midnight.
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Charles Mark Linn L Member Since: Aug 27, 2013
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Hi, I just received a payment from the client and it' still pending, I understand that I have to wait 6 days for it to be available. I dont see any available date next to it, what I see is Schedule plus your weekly payment schedule, is that what you mean by available date? Thanks!