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Why are we seeing jobs being posted even though these clients don't have a VERIFIED payment method?

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Tiffany S Member Since: Jan 15, 2016
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@Suzi J wrote:

I completely agree with you on this.  What IS the point of posting jobs if there is no guarantee they will be paid?


Perhaps you should start a petition...


Best regards,


Suzi Jameson

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The point is that you do not know whether you will find the person you want to hire on this site. And, if you are a reasonable business person, you have no interest in running around giving out your credit card information to various sites you may not even end up using.


In the world of marketing and sales, steps like entering your credit card number have names like "barriers to entry" and "drop off points".


Presumably, Upwork wants those potential clients to go ahead and post their jobs because that's how they (and we) make money. Insisting on credit card info before the client had any sense of the quality of proposals would weed out a lot of people who were willing and able to pay...when there was something to pay for. 

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Tina D Member Since: Jul 25, 2015
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There are several scammers on Upwork without payment verification but their job ads also look a bit off based on title/duties/contact, etc. so it's really looking at the whole picture.


I have only had issue with ONE non-verified payment method client.  I do accept work where they may be new and have not verified their payment as of yet, BUT I definitely don't do a lot of work before their verification of payment is done.  I also make sure that I cover myself to ensure I'm going to get paid.  I have actually had to walk a few of my clients through verifiying their payment because Upwork CS wasn't available or wasn't helpful. 


Some times you have to teach your clients, especially when they are new to the system. 


Best to you and yours... (I'm not doing much work on Upwork for any new clients due to the 20% as I've filled in my jobs from other places)



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Douglas Michael M Member Since: May 22, 2015
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If memory serves, about half the prospective clients who post before payment method verification go on to successfully hire and pay. I don't have the figures at hand. If memory continues to serve, this is very close to the overall successful hire rate on the site.


Corrected according to the figures provided by Setu M, our resident volunteer statistician, and linked below by Olga Q:


"33% of the new clients who posted jobs got their payment method verified. Of this 33%, 78% of them hired someone for their project."


My recollection of about half has to do with the number of posted jobs with payment method unverified, which is 45% for all job postings at any given time during the study period.


In other words, if you rule out no-payment-verified postings, you are ruling out nearly half the available listings, about a third of which get verified and a quarter of which result in hires, usually within a matter of days. (It's then up to us to explain to the client that we'll start work when payment method is verified [and escrow funded for fixed-price].) You are also ignoring what Setu points out, that every single client on Upwork started out with payment method unverified.


Best to all,


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