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Why can I submit proposals for only 3 of my 8 freelancers?

I'm the business manager of an agency whose membership plan is Agency Plus. I submit proposals on behalf of three freelancers besides myself with no issues, but I don't get any options for the other five freelancers I've just brought onboard. WHY?!


This is proving very frustrating, and time is of the essence here. I need to be able to submit these proposalls myself. I don't understand how it can even be possible to have the option for some of my freelancers and not others. I've clicked on multiple jobs to see if it had to do with hourly vs. fixed or the clients' preferred requirements, but I see no pattern or answer emerging so far. What's up?

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Cedric,

We checked and would like to confirm that the proposals you mentioned trying to submit were for job that include the US location requirement? Some of your team members are not located in the US and you won't be able to submit proposals on their part for jobs that include this requirement.

~ Goran
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