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Why can USA listing not be specific with location?

It would be nice and polite to see a listing for a freelancer job that includes more than USA. It should at least include a state or city. You never know by time zone where a job offering is listed from, especially those asking for "on-site" support services. If it said "South Carolina" instead of USA, more local freelancers may be interested, Often times an on site listing may not include the city or state of the company, because the job poster did not add specifics on the area of the project We should have a moderator that can review new listings and ask questions (or add details for the job poster), before a new job post can be displayed in our llistings. If they say "Local" but the listing is USA, you have no idea where local is. Thank you.

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Upwork could do that if they wanted to.


But because Upwork focuses on remote work, most users don't care.

As a client, I have hired 178 freelancers. It did not matter to me where any of them were physically located.


Jobs where it would matter what state or city a person lives in are they exception.

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I see a lot of listings that are from new Clients that may say, " I need a project done at my home or property, factory or warehouse", but  the location is United States, EST. I have no idea if it is Maine or Florida and can not directly ask a question like, "what state are you located in?", as that would probably be against terms of service, but if the listing said USA, Georgia, EST, I would know I am probably too far away to apply for the job. Some clients want to mail you parts to measure and draw, but the cost for something that weighs a lot and has to go across 3 states could get expensive. In Europe, so many countries are relatively small, and we know how far away Germany is from Poland, or Spain, etc.

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I also think it should be required, and also verified by Upwork, as all locations should be. This would also help to weed out scam posts and clents. I've noticed many obvious scam posts from "new" clients will just say United States, but I rarely seen obvious scam posts with a city listed as well.

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