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Why can't employees suggest milestones?

On Elance, I used to be able to propose a change to a milestone and the employer could approve or not approve it. Now, I'm working with an employer here on Upwork who would prefer that I make the changes to milestones when we've decided to shift our focus on what work they want me to do.


Why is this not a feature on Upwork? It would make it so much easier for the employer when they've asked for additional work, and they want you to propose milestones.

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Freelancers. Not employees. This is a freelancing platform, not a job agency.


And it's in the works. Simply Upwork moves very fast, close to the speed of the light, so the time is dilated.  For us, immobile observers, the implementation of such useful features seems to last forever.


It's only an illusion, though, due to the relativistic nature of space-time. The youngest among us will see this option implemented within their lifespan.


Don't worry.

"Where darkness shines like dazzling light"   —William Ashbless
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I too just had this issue yesterday...client could not add or change a milestone. Not sure of the logic with that other than to change it before paying a FLancer and ripping them off...Smiley Frustrated

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