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Why can't upwork come up with a better payment system?

As I understood, it needs "10" days to process payments. 5 days for the client to review and another 5 for security purposes. I think the security purposes is just plain excuse to reason out the laziness to come up with a better system. This is just so bad because the payment will arive on your own hands after almost 3 weeks (18 days) actually. Let me break it down.

1st week (5 business days, 7 days in total) - you work and logged your hours.
2nd week (5 business days, 7 days in total)- Client review [take note: it doesn't matter whether the client reviewed and approves the work after day 1, this duration will still continue until the 5 days are over]
3rd week by wednesday the money will reflect in your own account. and then it needs another 4 "business" days to transfer the money to your local bank.
4th week: finally at the second day of the 4th week, the payment for first week's work arrived.

can't you see the problem here? it took almost 3 weeks for the payment to arrive! not 10 days but 18 days, is this the best you can do upwork? you are charging the workers fees and you are also charging the clients. this platform should work for the convenience of its users. I think you just lack the resources and personnel to review all the payment exchanges. you don't have solid automated systems to handle hundreds of thousands of transactions that is why you rely heavily on human work force. The proof of that is that you need to process the payment system in "business days" that is why I know that you rely more on human work force than creating a solid proof, efficient and safe system. There are tons of top notch programmers here in the platform. Why can't you build a better payment system?

The reason for this rant is just this type of system sucks the motivation out of the workers. Imagine having to wait 18 days for your money to arrive. We have bills and other needs the money to buy extreme neccessities (food, water,etc). Can you please care more for your workers, we are one of the critical components of this platform.

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