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Why client is always right instead of freelancer?

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Eman F Member Since: Oct 9, 2019
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I just ask you a  question . Why Client is always right for upwork.? 

We work on upwork and we are like family . Freelancer need clients and clients need freelancer. So why  freelancer  are not right like client. Why we faced issue's. Why we have no relaxation on upwork.
Recently i faced an issue and really i don't have words to explain. I am giving my 100% to my all client  and responce immediately, we worried about work, time etc  but unfortunalety client don't. 

A little mistake  makes you hero to zero without knowing.   Or if any  dispute comes you're pretty much  gonna side with the client. when  freelancer get dispute he/she loose everything  they gain.

I requested to upwork team/ community   please look at freelancer and make a policy for freelancer. It will be nice if we work with out any pressure. 

And really Sorry for that  i just want to know why only freelancer faced this issue even they  did't doing any mistake.

Thank You!

Regards Eman Fatima



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Tonya P Member Since: Nov 26, 2015
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Do not think of Upwork as family. Upwork is a commercial enterprise and as such will make the choice that is most profitable. If choosing you over a client is not most profitable, then you are not going to be chosen. Keep that in mind always.