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Why did Upwork deduct 20% from my fund this week but in the past few weeks, it was getting only 10%

Can someone help me? Upwork was deducting 10% from my fund in the past few weeks since I reached the $1000 required earnings. But this week, it deducted 20% ($15) from my earnings which is $75. I thought the policy of Upwork is that $500 and below, it will get 20%. But once the freelancer earned $1000 and above, 10% is the Upwork fee. It is confusing.


For a small scale freelancer like me, the 20% deduction this week from my fund is just TOO MUCH. Can someone please explain this one to me? Thank you.


Hi Hermilita,


Thank you for reaching out to us. Could you please share the contract ID number so we can check? Looking forward to your response.

~ AJ
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The current fee scale is 20% up to $500 per client and then 10% per client after that.  Looks like the $75 is from a new client?  If so it start at 20% until you reach $500 with that client.

This scale changes in the future.

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