Why did Upwork hide activity descriptions in Work Diary and also why can't I file new requests?

Previously it was easy to check what I was working on during my work day but now it's just daunting - I need to point my mouse to every entry to see its description - what were authors of this change thiking of?!

I wanted to file new support request about this "improvement" but feedback form just get hidden when I push "next" after entering issue details.

Why no public support email is listed so users won't suffer because of buggy website code?

And why this forum can't accept screenshots in PNG?!


Click on the work diary view rather than the view you are using and you can see the memo or activity code at first glance.

Probably you mean "tiled" view - yes that looks like a workaround, thanks

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Kirill,


Our engineers are aware of the issue with memos not showing in the list view of the Work Diary. They are currently working on fixing it. I'll also share this thread with them. 


Sorry about the inconvenience.

~ Valeria