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Why did my money disappear?

I just finished my first job and had money released to me by the client. I went to the "Get Paid" section of my settings, and connected my debit card to my account so I could cash out. Now the issue is that my legal first name (the name on my debit card account) and my middle name (the name I go by and use as my profile name on Upwork) are two different names, and even though Upwork has seen my government ID that shows BOTH names and has heard me say BOTH of my names through video call, they've decided that they need to hold my debit card. Alright, fine.


The problem is that my balance now shows $0.00. I've worked a week and a half and was supposed to get $332 (after Upwork took its 20% cut). I'm just frustrated because I did the work and agreed for Upwork to take 20% and now it feels like the earnings from all my hard work have vanished into the ether.

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Elizabeth R wrote:

.....now it feels like the earnings from all my hard work have vanished into the ether.

The money hasn't vanished, you are just not looking at the right place and haven't taken the time to educate yourself on how payments are processed on Upwork.


Look at your Reports Home Page 

Do you see anyy of the funds there? Click on the little question marks which explain how all the different stages work


My guess would be that your earnings are under the Pending tab and that they are in the 5 day security period.

Click on the pending tab on your Reports Home Page and see the date in the left hand column.

It would normally be 5 days after the funds were released.



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