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Why did you remove my badge ?

Hi , I don't know why my highly rated badge is gone. as my last request about 4 months ago . I have mentioned in some topic earlier yet nothing happened . 

" You can monitor your progress and help manage your success by using your My Stats page to track your Job Success Score "

I have read these pages a lot.


Hi Edris,


Thank you for reaching out to us here. I have checked your account and it looks like your JSS dropped and missed the criteria for the Top Rated badge. We highly suggest you review this help article for you to be more acquainted with how Upwork's Talent Badges works.


~ Arjay

Dear friend !
Why do you really think that a person who has worked continuously and professionally in Upwork for 6 months has not seen and read this routine article??

If I have a question, I must not have found the right answer in these articles, so I am asking. Everyone can read the article.

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Hey Edris, the JSS has to be 90% or higher to keep the Badge. Have a great day!

Hi man ,thankful . But my badge has been removed since JSS 95. On the other hand, one of my previous complaints about this score is unfair. All my clients have had positive comments and some of them have signed up to 5 contracts with me. Why should Upwork drop my score below 90%?

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