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Why do I appear so low in the search listings?

Out of curiosity, I just did a search for PowerPoint designers to see how high I rank in the search results from a client's point of view. I am quite low down on the list, despite having "top rated" status, a 98% success ranking and over 150 hours worked. But the strangest thing is a sentence that appears below my search result, which says, "Suggested because they worked on 2 jobs that match your search results." I have worked on well over 100 PowerPoint jobs! Why would it say that I've done only two? And I get the same result regardless of which filters I apply. Then when I click on the link to view these two jobs that are supposedly my only projects on Upwork (!), the most recent one is listed as being completed in August 2017, despite my having completed several PowerPoint jobs much more recently than that. Does anyone have any insights about this?

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Retired Team Member

Hi Christine,

Just to confirm that freelancers in search results are showed on a rotating basis so that everyone gets a fair chance to be discovered. Regarding the finished jobs that are showing from last year, please send me a PM with the contract ID`s and our team will investigate it further. Thank you!

~ Goran
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First of all search results are rotated, so at times you appear higher and at times you appear lower. That's only fair.


Also it differs wildly depending on who is searching.


When I search with my freelancer account the list if very different to when I search with my client account where it gets adjusted to fit my hiring history.


There are currently over 15.000 freelancers for the keyword powerpoint designer, NOT including those who set their profile to private or those whose profiles were set to private.


Expecting to consistently appear high up in the list is not realistic.



Perhaps the subject of my question was misleading - I'm more curious as to why it says that I've completed only two PowerPoint projects, as I would think that this would have an impact on the search results (depending on what filters a client applies, obviously). I'll contact Upwork directly over this, I was just wondering if anyone else is experiencing search results that don't acccurately reflect their expertise.

As further explanation, I'm attaching a screen shot - now, if I were a client looking at this, I would think that I have hardly any PowerPoint experience. I wouldn't hire me!

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