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Why do I even bother with Upwork Support?

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Signe J Member Since: Jan 29, 2016
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I swear, I chat with them at least once a day -- because various things are broken at least once a day, or I didn't receive the promised update about the thing that was broken last week or a month ago -- and every single time, after wasting way too long trying to explain my problems and receiving stock answers and a lot of "we're sorry, that issue is still with our engineers," all I ever end up doing is bashing my head against the wall. 


Plus, they don't listen. They pick out a few key words and think I'm talking about something I'm not, so I have to re-explain my issue about five times before the conversation can even start. It's maddening.


If a site is going to be as broken as this one is, then holy cow, at least you need to have a decent support team to cope...

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Giorgi N Member Since: Dec 5, 2015
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I see there are many threads about bugs on this site. I am here 4 months now and I can say opposite thing. Yes very rarely the site is down, or was down because I didn't notice it being down lately. But where are those all bugs you are talking about. Is it just me who didn't notice bugs here except of sometimes site is being down? I am just working and quite comfortable here.  Also I had no problem with CS. Each time I get answers on my questions. But this is of course just my view on this and I wanted to share opposite experience.

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Signe J Member Since: Jan 29, 2016
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The current issues I'm dealing with:


1. Not receiving email notifications when jobs are posted to the UpworkPro talent cloud I'm a member of, so I'm missing out on opportunites because by the time I see the jobs that have been posted, many others have already applied or are being interviewed. This is the issue that has gone 3 weeks without acknowledgment beyond the original "we've received your support ticket and assigned it to X" message.


2. Proposals not going through for an extended amount of time. 


3. Issues with making a proposal based on false information -- the job post showing a low number of applicants and 0 interviews, only to find after submitting a proposal that in fact many proposals have been submitted and a high number of interviews are underway, severely reducing the odds I'll get the job. (If I'd had the correct information, I wouldn't have bid on many of the jobs I submitted proposals for.)


Past issues have included a whole host of things, from the trivial (like inexplicably losing all of the skills I'd entered into my profile) to the mildly annoying (like losing my Top Rated status because the site dumped all my skills and so my profile wasn't complete) to the moderately annoying (getting false information from a support rep and deciding to upgrade to a paid membership based on that false info) to the seriously crippling (like the site being down more than it was up for almost a week straight).


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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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1. Just got an email myself, so they must have fixed it.

2. Proposals go through.

3. I suspect that proposal numbers are batched. The actual number is in the code and then they seem to set a filter on that number. I don't think it's a bug. I think it's for a reason. Not sure why... possible rejections? Not sure. I wouldn't bother CS about it. They can't do anything except send it on and it's been posted before so they know about it.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "I chat with them at least once a day"



I'm certain your motives are pure. But just leave them alone.


Don't talk to them unless they contact you.


I earn as much money on Upwork as I want to, and I don't use Customer Support ever, for any reason.


It is not necessary to use Customer Support in order to be successful on Upwork.


Contacting Customer Support COSTS UPWORK MONEY. So Upwork would probably prefer that you leave the Customer Support people alone. If you have issues to discuss, then come here to the Community Forum.

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Tonya P Member Since: Nov 26, 2015
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1. Plan to check job postings regularly until you are certain the issue is resolved. It could be your email server.

2. I don't think this is happening. The mods have indicated that the proposals are going through and the failure of the information to appear is cosmetic. 

3. This is an issue related to your personal marketing strategy. I don't believe proposals or hires are shown in real time yet. 


There are LOTS of issues with the site, but I can't see them prioritizing cosmetics and strategy issues any time soon. 



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Tiffany S Member Since: Jan 15, 2016
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I agree with your question as to why you keep following up with them, but for different reasons.


There are literally millions of freelancers on this site. If you've encountered a bug, chances are that 10,000 or so other people have also reported that bug.


Most site failures require some testing and work to correct--very few are going to be resolved the same day.


Personally, I'd much rather have Upwork working on actually fixing the problem than doing daily follow-ups with each of the thousands of people who have reported the problem.