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Why do freelancers have to suffer due to unresponsive clients?

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Linda B Member Since: Oct 13, 2015
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I agree with celebrating life after a fatal JSS blow. 


That is where I am right now.


Starting to realize we can only help ourselves and move on. 


That being said after my JSS dropped from 94% to 77% due to something totally beyond my control, I am receiving some responses for new jobs. People are wary of me, it seems. I am hoping to get some positive feedback soon so the negative feedback gets buried but many many happy clients disappeared without even closing their contract.


So, my new plan is too completely ignore the job success score as it does not reflect anything about freelancer competency and is a random number.


The whole maintenance of contracts in order to keep up a profile is the biggest downside to the site as freelancers are having to creatively chase clients for feedback which is silly and unprofessional. The only reason I look for work offsite (on other platforms) is because of the inane set-up of the job success score and being penalized for things out of a freelancers control.  


Starting on Upwork a few months ago, I thought it was amazing. But the inner workings baffle me. Now I am still here because I am still making money and am working on letting go of the aspects I cannot control.


After all the above, the bottom line is, a well written proposal seems to make more difference than a high job success score, especially to clients who understand the system.