Why don't the job filters (< 5 proposals) work?

When searching for jobs I've been trying to filter on posts that have less than 5 proposals. 


However when I click on  the job ads however they nearly all have over 5 proposals.


I've raised this with support but it seems they don't really acknowledge this is a problem and a fix doesn't appear to be either soon or likely. 


I'm surprised that such a basic functionality is broken..


It seems they batch those totals, so I'm guessing that you're running into the same thing the bidders complain about. One minute it's less than 5 and the next there are 20.

It doesn't seem like the batching has to anything with this filter. I have tried again and again with the same filters (less than 5 proposals) and the same jobs with over 20 proposals clog up my search results.


On the results page, it shows less than 5, but when go to the job posting, it is more than 20. It wasn't the case until just a few days ago. I constantly relied on this feature to find some obscure projects that I wouldn't have found otherwise.