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Why i am not hired in Odesk

How is everyone?  I need few sugession on my profile. I joined with Odesk  one year ago. Recently i am trying to get job in odesk. But still don't see any result.

So, i need expert sugession- Please , have a look my profile. Is there anything i am missing . Or if you have any sugession , please tell me.

Best wishes




Hi Hassan,


I'm certainly no expert but your profile looks decent to me. There are always things you can do to improve it but I think it looks adequate to win your first oDesk projects.


It's really tough to get your first few jobs because nobody wants to work with an untested contractor. Keep at it and check out oDesk's knowledge center & blog, they have a ton of tips and tricks!


How many jobs are you applying to, and what does your cover letter look like?



Hi Hassan,


Where's the rest of your employment history?


I'm sure clients would like to know where you've previously worked?


Hello Hassan,


I hope you're having a good day. I'm sorry to hear you've not had much luck with winning work, but when there are thousands of oDesk profiles to choose from, clients can afford to be picky and your profile is the first place a client will look when considering you for a project. 


I want to be able to help you here, but I will be honest with my tips and I by no means want these pointers to come across as harsh or offensive. We were all new once and it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get interviews rolling in! Hopefully these tips will help.


- Firstly, I notice that English is not your native language. I can tell because there are several spelling and grammar mistakes which clients will pick up on. This can be an issue because if your English comes across as incorrect, the client may think that there could potentially be communication problems when working with you. I would definitely suggest visiting a free language learning site like Busuu or Livemocha to help strengthen your English skills, or simply ask someone - including me - I am a native English speaker and would be happy to help you rewrite your profile.


- You need to strengthen your work experience history to show potential clients you have the necessary skills to do the job. Even if you don't have much in the way of different roles in different companies, giving as much valuable information about each position you have had will help. We're talking a brief explanation of what the company did (for example, if they were a bank, financial consultancy, online shop, etc), an outline of your day to day tasks, projects you completed with that company and the skills you used whilst in that role. Try to keep this concise but informational.


- Take more tests - this is a great way to prove to clients that you are taking your oDesk reputation seriously. Also, retake tests as soon as it allows if you're not happy with the results, and if the results are low then I would advise against displaying this on your profile.


- Try to think of reasons why a client might pick you instead of someone else, and really sell it in your profile! As I mentioned before, with thousands of freelancers on oDesk, it's really important to stand out. Also, make sure to be yourself! I have a short sentence on my profile at the end, outlining my favourite things to do. It reminds the client that they are communicating with an actual person, and not just a faceless freelancer.


I hope these tips help! They are just of the top of my head but as a successful freelancer on oDesk, I do know my stuff! Please contact me if you have any questions, I'll be more than happy to help you out.


Good luck! 





Please somebody have a look at my profile. I am trying extremely hard to win my first project. Please somebody refer my profile to his client, this will enhance my chances of winning my first project. I would be very thankful to you. Also sugesst any improvements as well.


From what I read on your profile, you seem to have some solid skills and experience and a good work philosophy.


But if I read your profile as a client, I generally dislike it.


You mostly talk about yourself. You talk about where you work and what you do there, etc., etc.


But I'm not interested in your life. I'm interested in ME.


I would rather see you focus on what you can do for me.


What are the types of work that you can do for me?

How will hiring you benefit me?


What I see right now is that you work at the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission and Crystalline Chemical Industries, which makes me think you're pretty busy.


I doubt you have time for me.


Also, the projects I want to hire a contractor to work on have nothing to do with Atomic Energy or Chemical Industries. It doesn't look like you have done any kind of work that relates to what I want done.


Also, you should remove "network administration" from your skills list, because this is not related to the other skills presented by your profile (which are writing-oriented).


When you are so new to oDesk and have zero jobs completed and zero portfolio items posted, I want you to focus on only ONE skill area (writing), not two.


I have a problem too. I'm a first timer and hardly to get jobs on Odesk.

Great photo, Marinelle!


But our profile must be set to private because I can't see it when I click on your photo.

So I don't know what is wrong with your profile page.