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Why is Upwork Readiness Test Important

Hello. Can you tell me why is Upwork Readiness Test Important? What priveleges does it give you? 



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If you are new on upwork and want to get Rising Talent. To get the rising talent badge  "Upwork Readiness Test" is one of the requirement.

These are the requirements of rising talent badge

As Rising Talent, you must:

Thank you for your answer.


But is it also important for JSS? For gaining a Top Rated status?

No, This test is not Important for JSS.

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In addition to what Muhammad said, it grants you the privilege of reducing your chances of making costly mistakes and/or coming here to ask questions the answers to which you should already know.

Why the Upwork Readiness Test is a criterion for Rising Talent status, and not for use of the service, remains a mystery.

It really should be required for all freelancers.  Sure would eliminate half of the problems in the Forum, created by lack of understanding about how Upwork functions.

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