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Why is job description almost invisible in background?

Community Guru
Chris M Member Since: May 6, 2015
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When accepting interviews a new window pops up, and the job post including the job description is faded,  in the background - almost invisible.


What's all that about!


If I want to refer to the job description while I'm writing my reply I have to jiggle the acceptance window around and then strain to read the decription.


Is it me? Am I missing something here? It's absurd that you can't reference the job post easily.


Am I supposed to open the job description up in another tab before I accept the interview! That would solve it - but there would be no need if the background wasn't faded to be almost unreadable in the first place.


Come on Upwork developers - make the job descriptions readable - please. At least don't fade them into grey - then they would be readable - all be it still having to move the acceptance window around.

Ace Contributor
Banna H Member Since: Feb 12, 2015
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I faced this issues many time.  I am mosly first read job data and then click on Accpet invitaion and then start typing after some lines i may forgot some points from job details so i have to close the windows and read it all once again.


Then again while i i take the proposal windows it show old data i typed, that help me. But i lost some propsoal i hardkly tyoes and posted and it show me some erro message and there is no draft mode for that.


Now i preder to type proposla in word and paste it after i finish Smiley Happy


I really vote up for a feature so see job details on left side and i can type proposan on right side.


ThanK You