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Why is my VAT number non-approved ?


I entered my company VAT ID in Settings -> Tax information but it did not pass Upwork verification. It is a valid EU VAT-ID, it appears in VIES system too.
As I imagine I cannot withdraw the salary earned on Upwork without a VAT approved, I need assistance to get my VAT-ID verified.


Thanks in advance.

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It might take a while for it to update, ours is showing as verififed & we submitted it 9 days ago.


Hi Baptiste,

Thank you for reaching out to us. In general, the VAT number will not be approved if there is a formatting error and if it was returned by VIES. Please know that we are using the VIES website for us to be able to validate your VAT. You may click here for your reference.
As advised by VIES, you should contact the competent authorities for correction or clarification. Also, please double-check your VAT details. 
To learn more about this, you may check and read this help article.

~ AJ
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