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Why is my job success score not visible?

Hi! I have worked as a freelancer since January and I've always had my job success score visible. Lately, I noticed I don't have it on my profile anymore and I'm below 90% when all my reviews are 5 stars. I have sent 29 proposals, some I've submitted a few minutes after it was posted but no views on my profile. I feel like the success score and rate hinder my account to be viewed. 😞


Hi Julia,


After a recent update a lack of feedback is no longer considered an outcome and, as a result,  should no longer impact your JSS. So if you had any clients who didn't leave feedback on a contract, with these no longer counting towards your JSS, you may no longer meet the threshold for JSS, which is possibly why it went away.


Please, note that you must have at least 4 or more different outcomes in the last 24 months, from at least 2 or more different clients, in order to obtain a JSS. Feel free to check this help article to learn more. 


Thank you.

~ Luiggi
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