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Why is my payment always rejected?

Hello! I tried already twice to send money from odesk to my paypal account with interval more 1 week. Unfortunately my payment is always rejected and I still have my money only on odesk. I have identical odesk email and paypal email . I also made my name to be the same on Odesk and on Paypal and on google+. There is no explanation why my money isn't sent to me. On odesk, in my account I have two fields User ID and Name User ID field contains my nickname and 'Name' field contains my real first and last name. I see that paypal has exactly the same real first and last name. I want to note that at moment of registering here I had another Name. But later I changed it to be the same as paypal name. But this change I made around 1 month ago. Three days ago(07.11.2013) I changed my paypal and odesk emails to be the same !!! Odesk already made button 'Get Paid now' enabled. So I think it should work. Today(10.11.2013) I tried to get paid and I received such notification: Reference ID 32615403 Date Nov 10, 2013 Type Withdrawal Description Returned Withdrawal (Transaction 32615399 Rejected) Amount $9.00 Note that on paypal I have successfully registered and verified my debit card. So status on my paypal account is Verified. What does that mean? What is wrong with my payment? What else should I do to get paid? Thanks in advance!

The problem could be with oDesk or with Paypal or both. Have you contacted both?

Yes, I sent the same message to odesk. I also contacted paypal before but where to see if paypal replied me or not?

When I had an issue with Paypal, I called them. They also sent an email to the email I use to log-in at Paypal. I don't know about Paypal in your country, but if you have a number, try calling them for faster service.
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