Why is my profile invisible to others?

Hello, Can somebody please help me out with this problem. My profile is invisible on search even though all settings are set to 'public' and profile is ready. Regards, Marko.

Hi there, I guess your profile hasn't been indexed as yet. Secondly please change your profile name to your legal name as it appears on your ID/account title. It is against the ToS to use a fake name or a company name in your Individual Contractor account. Plus you won't be able to withdraw funds even if the spellings are different! You can only request a name change once, and will need to verify your identity in order to get this done. Please go to the User settings tab (The gear icon on the top right) and initiate the name change process. Welcome to oDesk! ๐Ÿ™‚
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I have been on oDesk a while now, and while my profile was set to public for a long time, it was never visible to search engines. I contacted support about this a while ago and didn't get a coherent answer, so I gave up.

Ayesha, is the option to add LinkedIn to ones profile new or a bug? I see the logo on the OP's profile but can't seem to find the option to add it anywhere

I saw this option on my profile recently and was wondering about it. I was told that we cannot include links to websites that provide contact information, and my social media accounts are a way to contact me outside of oDesk. Or does this mean if I put a Facebook link on my profile and someone contacts me about work through Facebook, which has happened even before I heard of oDesk, they must now hire me through oDesk only and oDesk automatically gets a commission?

[quote]I see the logo on the OP's profile but can't seem to find the option to add it anywhere[/quote] Go to Settings > My Contractor Profile. The 4th block (under Categories) is now Linked Accounts. Apparently you can add Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, GitHub, StackOverflow, Behance, Dribble, and deviantART. I'll stand by before linking something - don't want to get penalized for giving contact information; to my knowledge oDesk hasn't denounced that policy yet, and out of the blue they present us a feature that will give plenty of other channels for communication. Something fishy going on...

I thought it was strange too! Giving a link to Twitter or Linkedin just gives the client a way to contact you outside of oDesk. Exactly what oDesk doesn't want to happen. Weird!

Oh wow, I completely overlooked that section. It must be fairly new. Thanks for your replies. I think it's wise to wait with linking accounts, at the same time, how could oDesk penalize us for utilizing a feature they introduced? What I personally don't like about the LinkedIn feature is that I would have to give them access to my entire network - that's so not going to happen.

Your oDesk name (as a contractor) has to be your real, legal name as it appears on your ID. As I assume your parents are not called Mr and Mrs Studio and didn't have a fabulous sense of humor and called you "Mechanical" your name is not compliant with the rules and your profile may have been set to private by support if they found it? Edited to add: Who is the "we" you talk about in your profile? On oDesk we have this "one person - one account" rule. That means that you are the only person that is allowed to work on the accounts you will win. If there is a group of you every person has to have their own account. It might be an idea for you to familiarize yourself with the system before you jump in. You have a strong profile so try and make it compliant and stick to the rules, and the first step towards that might be to figure out what those rules actually are ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hi everyone, Thanks for the feedback, I'm forwarding your concerns and questions to the product manager and will update you regarding how best to use this new linking feature once I hear back.
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HI. I want to make my profile invisible to others but cannot see any option for that in my profile. Please help in making my profile private.


have a problem i am not showong my freelancer profile public and do not show private-public access drop down.


Pls help me

Hi Narvin,


Sorry about the confusion. Please, go to Find Work>Profile>Edit My Profile. Then click "Edit" next to the Availability information and you should be able to see an option to change the visibility of your profile there.


I hope it helps!

~ Valeria

Hi! Can you also help me my profile is invisible to everybody even if I already configure it to public. Also, Even my Username and Account name is not searchable to my employer. please help. I need to fix it right now.Thanks

Hi Charmaine,


I tried to search your profile by your name and your profile title and it came up on the first page of the search. You profile is public and there doesn't seem to be anything preventing it from being found by clients.

~ Valeria

 Really Miss? but why once i give my profile link to my employers they cant see my profile and When they click on my link and try to go to my profile there is a message:

"This freelancer has restricted profile access to oDesk users only." Please Assist me.



"This freelancer has restricted profile access to oDesk users only."


Your Profile is quite visible to me even if I am not logged in to oDesk.


And your Profile url is https://www.odesk.com/o/profiles/users/_~011b1fd3cfe0559304/


For further assistance you may contact Customer Support.



Good day. The same question. Can't understand why my profile is broken.

Hi Michael,


It looks like your profile hasn't been accepted yet, to be displayed on the marketplace. Please, revise your profile overview and make sure you use complete sentences and clearly describe your skills and expertise. Once you have updated your profile, please resubmit it for another review.


Thank you!

~ Valeria

I sey my profile as PRIVATE. If I set it like that, can I still APPLY FOR JOB? Or can the client still see my ACCOUNT/PROFILE?

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Community Manager

Hi Elque,


Yes, you will be able to send proposals and apply for jobs. Your profile will be visible to clients with whom you're working with or to whose jobs you apply for, but will not be displayed in search results and you won't receive invites from new clients.


I am just going to drop this here. This, along with a message for forum readers, is my 4th (or maybe 5th) open ticket on this exact subject.



This is my 4th ticket opened on this one subject. For readers in the forum, before you start with the same suggestions seen in this thread already:
I have my profile set to "public". i have an outstanding rating, so I am not blocked. I have submitted numerous tickets on this problem, and they are wither deleted with no outcome, or the answer is nonsense.


You are apparently not reading or understanding my issue. My issue is this:
I want to link directly to my Upwork profile from my website, to allow clients (NOT Upwork clients) to access my profile and hire me through Upwork rather than paying me directly. These are clients that are not currently signed in to, or up with, Upwork.
I am not asking if my profile shows to logged-in users - of course it does. I am asking why my profile is not indexed in Google search, and why when I send a client a link to view my profile and portfolio, I get a message saying "This freelancer's profile is either private, restricted or blocked". SEE ATTACHED SCREENSHOT. This whole issue has been going on for months now, and either you delete my ticket completely, or you no-answer it, saying you have fixed it.
My profile is most certainly NOT available to be found on search, even UPWORK search, unless it is by a logged-in client. The only person with my name that shows in search is not me. Furthermore, even when I search Google for my name and Upwork, even though I get snippets of my profile in results, clicking on it does not display my profile in search.
Could you please find someone who knows what they are talking about to fix this or at least engage with me about it. [My fourth ticket on this subject]