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Why is my profile not visible in Search, when using my title, but I can find it using my name

I am a project manager, but I am unable to find my profile when searching for it using keywords "Project Manager" "Project Management" etc. But if I search by my name, it appears.


Search by name: (profile appears in result)



Search by title + name: (No profile results)


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Hello, it may be related to the amount of competition in that sector. Most of the time, clients search based on location and rates. If your field is saturated with freelancers, then it may take more time to find you when searching for a 'Project Manager' but if you're receiving invites, then you should be good. Best,

Can you please explain this further - what constitutes as "saturated with freelancers"? Is there a certain limit beyond which people do not show up in search results, even with filters in place?

No, there's no limits. If you search for a 'Web Designer' of course you may see hundreds of pages of Web Designers offering their services, and you may have to check each page to find the one that fits your needs unless you filter to make your search easier. My guess is, if you're able to find your account when you search for your name, then it means that your account is fine and available 

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I think your title/name search parameters might be off a bit. Try this search, which uses project manager and Amit U.


However, this is not very helpful because clients will not search for you by name. Most clients will search by skill category or keyword, and include other parameters like Location, Job Success, etc. It is more important to appear in searches for only your skill categories (i.e.,  Project Management, IT Project Management, etc.)


Appearing high in searches can be difficult for a number of reasons. Like Elizabeth stated, the most obvious reason is the sheer number of freelancers here. There are several thousand project managers on Upwork, so appearing prominently in search results is hit or miss. Aside from that, search results are shown on a rotating basis, which means they’re not the same from week to week. Hundreds (if not thousands) of freelancers are joining and leaving the marketplace every day, so search results fluctuate. If you perform the same search a month from now, you will probably get a different result.

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