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Why is some services not listed

I am a freelancer Private Investigator I would like to be listed.


I found an Upwork licensed PI in category Paralegal Services -- but you're the investigator, so maybe you can find a more suitable category.

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That is not a good fit. When a person is looking for a Private Investigator they are looking some information. They looking to find a person get information about a person this nothing to do with law or lawyers. I get call like I need to find my Ex some I can service them papers. Who is the owner of this building I want to buy. I have not seen my friend for 10 years I would like to say hello and just talk to a old friend. I tell people you don't know what you don't know. Sometimes I anwser question for people they did even know it could be done. People don't know the public information out there.  I should say public but information than licensed Private Investigator can get from their computer. There so many people who use help and don't how to get it. Myself I am retired no bills and enjoy life I like to help people. It gives me something to do. I don't the money. As a business I just heard about this website today. I look at upwork and ask as a business working for freelancers why should they limit it self. I look at this as bad business. If was looking for dog walking, real estate broker, handyman, babysitter, insurance adjuster there a number of people who freelance their services, There is website thumbtack you can ask for any thing which is good but I feel there should another website which can do better. my email address  *edited*

Curtis, you're not allowed to post your website or contact information here.


I think the reason the PI category Upwork has is listed under the paralegal section is that they're catering to attorneys and law firms looking to hire investigators versus individual people. There probably aren't a lot of individuals seeking investigators here, and there are different licensing requirements in play depending on location.

I am sorry I didn't know

FWIW, you'll probably find most of your jobs (at least, in the early days) by bidding rather than by clients finding you through search, so if you set up under the legal category you might not be super-visible, but you'd still be able to submit bids in response to postings and win jobs that way...and, if you make your title Private Investigator, you'll turn up in searches when clients are looking for that phrase and haven't selected a category.


It isn't an ideal solution--I'd keep lobbying for a separate category--but it's not as significant an obstacle as it might first seem.