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Why is the file size limit lower for attachments in the Submit Work option?

Hello everyone,


I have just noticed that the file size limit for attachments for submitting work is 25 MB while the file size limit for sharing files via chat is around 90 MB. Why is this? Generally the submitted work will be larger than the small files shared with the client for collaboration.


I discovered this when I recently got hired for making a video. I had no problem sharing the partial bits of video through chat, but when I tried to upload a ZIP archive comprising all the work I had done, the attachment refused to upload because the file is too large (60 MB in my case).


I think the size limit for the attachments should increased to 90 MB as well... or more if possible Smiley Very Happy


Well several Gigabytes isn't uncommon for video work, but I'm not sure they'd put it up that far, so there's always going to be a need for workarounds... even if I'd prefer a higher limit. Dropbox is my method of choice... just paste the link into your message. 


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True. Fortunately, my video project is relatively small because it's just a screen recording 🙂


I would not resort to any 3rd party file sharing system unless I do not have any other choice. Splitting up a 7zip archive to multiple 90MB segments sounds like a good workaround Cat Wink (just kidding)

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