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Why isn't there a client success score?

Ace Contributor
Jason D Member Since: Dec 8, 2015
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It would be nice if Upwork would close an inactive contract (be it fixed or hourly) instead of simply pausing or placing them on hold.


I have dozens of past contracts (both fixed and hourly) that I did the work, was paid for and the client was happy with (often delighted even), and then the client disappeared off the face of the planet leaving the contract still open to this very day. I don't mind at all if those would be considered null feedback (as in no feedback exchanged and nobody gets hit by anything negative) as long as they were closed out, what, maybe after a year of ZERO activity? I can't imagine anyone needing an idle contract to remain open after a year of nothing, let alone four years in some of my cases.

Community Guru
Jessica S Member Since: Dec 4, 2015
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Exactly. It's not the clients priority to make sure they follow every single step. They want the work done, so when it gets done, they are happy, release the funds if necessary and maybe even leave and never come back or maybe they use the site sporadically. 


I had a client show up on the site 3 weeks after I finished work for him and the contract had been left open. I had emailed him 3 times ...stressing about a stupid contract...   . He apologized profusely and then closed the contract and left feedback. And you know what he said? "I don't check into Upwork when I don't have any active jobs. I get a lot of emails from them that clutter my inbox so I have them re-routed to a separate folder that I honestly don't even look at unless I have an active job".  


My JSS could have dropped for THIS reason had it gone on long enough and I ended up closing it with no feedback. And what does his reason for disappearing have to do with ME? 



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Nikki G Member Since: Mar 20, 2015
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Totally agree.


This has been a big frustration for me, too. 


I regularly have to check in with clients who've gone idle...and ask them to 1...close the contract or 2...provide additional work.


A note to Upwork: you can have all the clients in the world posting jobs to your platform. However, without us, the freelancers, to do the work, you can't make money.


Please fix this unfair part of JSS for freelancers. 


I shouldn't have to chase clients about idle contracts they fail to close once the work is done. However, I'm forced to or risk a lower JSS.