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Why job feed doesn't match my skills?

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Sergey R Member Since: Feb 14, 2018
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Good day to all community!

I'm looking through the job feed by my saved filters or keywords, and find a lot of work not on my skills. I'm clicking that the work doesn't match, but they come across again Smiley Sad It became very difficult to find a good project. Also, I see that my profile views drops, and therefore invites stopped coming. Well if 1 time a month will come. I'm on the first page In searching by freelancers for some requests, for example: mascot, character design, etc. It has become very difficult to get a good job compared to last year, what happens with Upwork, can you say?!

Thank you

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Sergey Z Member Since: Jun 24, 2017
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I've experienced the same issue. From tome to time I see not relevant jobs. They don't have relevant skills and some even don't contain relevant key words in text.
Goran V Moderator Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hi Sergey,


You can further refine your searches by making sure you add filters by category. That way you can exclude jobs posted in for example Web Development category that mentions the word "design" in the description.



Could you also please send me an example via PM with the job posting link? 


Regarding your profile views:
At the moment we've had a number of users that reported their views are 0 and our engineering team is investigating the cause of the decline in profile views, you can read more about this on this Thread.

Thank you.

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Richard W Member Since: Jun 22, 2017
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Personally, I don't want Upwork to try to work out which jobs are suitable for me. I would be afraid of it omitting good jobs. I would rather spend a little time skimming through unsuitable jobs than risk missing out on a good job.


So I just want Upwork to apply the filters I've explicitly set, and that's all. For that reason I never click on the button to mark a job as unsuitable, because I don't know what effect that will have. 


YMMV but I find there are relatively few jobs that suit me, and I don't want to miss out on any of them.

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Sergey R Member Since: Feb 14, 2018
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You are absolutely right, Richard

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Sergey R Member Since: Feb 14, 2018
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Tahk you Goran, for your reply. I think this happens because in graphic design category also can be found web development and mobile design jobs that is not my skill, but Upwork their shows in the job feed. Previously, such projects were not very much, and I can choose a much faster favorite work. Now it takes a lot of time.

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Sergey R Member Since: Feb 14, 2018
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And again a lot of work in the jobs feed doesn't match my skills and categories (see attachment)


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