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Why my consultation URL is not accessible while others freelancers profile their consultation works?

Hi There,


Hope you are doing well. I am facing an Issue with my consultation URL link, this link shows page does not exist. I don't know what happened. But in my profile it shows active but I am unable to visit the link.

How can I resolve this issue?





Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Md,


Could you please confirm where you got that link from? I am generating the links from here and they seem to work fine on my end, could you please try that?



The links you are getting from projects, Its from consultation, check here. I have one consultation but link is broken



Hi Md. M,


Can you please share a screenshot of what you can from your end when trying to access the link to your Consultation? This way we can take a closer look and assist you accordingly. Looking forward to your response.


~ Arjay

I have attached a screenshoot already in previous comment also, I am sharing this as external link here.

Just visit my profile as publically and see you will see a book consultation option. The consultation link is broken when someone or I trying to visit as visitor or as profile owner from my profile. 



If you want to see it as your way I don't know how, you can find a section Consultation there, this is as project but just for consultation. You can find this in project dashboard, see this image here.



I don't know how can I get this link with active, now its broken.

Hi Md,


Apologies for the confusion yesterday. I shared your report with our team and one of our agents will reach out to you using a support ticket to assist you further. You can access your support tickets here.


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