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Why my job success is only 70%???????

Why my job success is only 70%???????

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May be one of the clients left a very negative private feedback.

And one of the jobs there is no feedback left.

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One contract without feedback, and one or more with less than great private feedback. Likely the one who said "Worked hard" - that is usually a euphemism for "I am polite so have to say something vaguely positive"

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Hey Olya,


When my JSS was only 70% I knew the reason, but it didn't change anything, I just went on and increased it to 81%. Don't get too much stressed. If you are sure of the quality of your work, just go on. JSS is something that can be changed.


Happy freelancing!

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Hello Olya,


There are factors that may affect your JSS. Kindly click this link to help you.

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