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Why odesk is not showing me on applicants list?

Hello Huys,


I have been working for last 5 years on odesk with feedback of 4.93 and 8000+ hours.


For last few days,when i apply for a new job,it never show me in applicants list.


When i tried to contact them they give me pre-decided message and says i donot have good ratings than others who apply for job.


Is it my fault to doing so much work earlier and nowdays due to their bad alogorthim they make me hide?


I really give up and not able to get a single interview whereas i had usually 10+ interviews in a week


Kindly help me as i'm hopeless now.






I have similar problem but I am not experienced freelancer.


I am new freelancer joined odesk few months ago.

During August and September a completed 2 projects as a new freelancer that's ok, October was much better I completed 4 projects and that is 6 completed total (got 5 stars and great feedback for each)


November, i didn't have single interview for job I applyed for (i don't count 2 inteviews where 3000 freelancers are invited).



I would like to ask somebody or anybody who want to help, could you please visit my profile and let me know is it everything ok with it.



Thank you for reading this message and thank you for your help.



The same thing is happening to me.
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