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Why refund was made automatically from my account

I would like to know in which case a refund can be made automatically on an account? This morning I noticed that a refund was made yesterday, yet I have nothing confirmed or done something like this

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Hi, what was the work about?

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There are no automated refunds, the only possibilities are a remaining escrow amount or the client never paid upwork. 

What am I supposed to do in that case? I received a notification that says "You sent a refund of $5.00 to [Client Name].

Jean Marc Kenly:
I am sorry to hear about the $5 refund.

I know that you were not expecting that to happen.


You may need to just accept that you will never get that money, and move on.


But a couple of things:
- Don't work for that client again. Because you can't rely on that client paying you as expected.

- Try really hard to figure out what happened. Don't try to contact Upwork Customer Support. Instead, ask questions here in the Forum.


Tell us more about the situation. Was this a fixed-price contract? Was this a second milestone? Was this a bonus? What kind of work was it?



I already had in mind that this money I could not find. I just want to know what happened and how to avoid it in the future.


- It was a fixed-price contract

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