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Why should clients have all the fun?

We spend our connects and the client doesn't even interview/hiring anyone! Isn't this unfair?? I hardly see any legitimate clients these days.

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I hope that clients and freelancers are never treated equally.


As a freelancer, I get paid money.


Clients pay money.


Very different experiences.


I am sorry that you are frustrated. But the answer to your problems is not "fairness."


Freelancers are already treated fairly in the sense that they are all subject to the same rules and policies as all other freelancers.


There ARE real clients here. There ARE a lot of freelancers making s lot of money here. Use this Forum to find out what you can do to improve your success within the current system. The system serves me very well. The key to your success is learning how to use it to your advantage as it exists right now.

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Consider using your connects to be an expenditure of effort. Once spent it is gone and there is no guarantee of a return on that effort. But there is a chance, which is better than no chance.



There are many causes for closing a job without hiring anyone. In my case, for several years my niche was large complex projects, and I would not submit a proposal without being certain I could deliver. If my prospective client cancelled the job for any reason, I had to cancel without hiring anyone. I tried to be clear that this was speculative, but not all freelancers understood. The other thing I tried to do was to use invitation only job posts so that freelancers did not need to expend connects, and I wasn't overwhelmed with spam proposals.


I did try to communicate with all applicants as soon as I received their applications. I would acknowledge receipt and keep all advised of the progress during the selection process. When someone was not selected, I would write and explain why, hoping to help the freelancer improve. I can't recall ever turning someone down because her price was too high, but do recall turning down many because their prices were too low. If you don't think you're worth much, I'm not going to disagree.


I no longer do business consulting, but still hire occasionally for other issues. I'm sorry you've not e.ncountered decent clients

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