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Why there are too many (almost) duplicate advertisements for uploading APK on Google play?

Hello everyone,

I am a new freelancer in UpWork and I have a subscription for Freelancer Plus. Recently, I started browsing the available jobs and saw there are many advertisements to upload APK files on Google Play.

My question is, isn't this illegal? Why there are many similar advertisements and it seems to be very easy to add one item in there? How am I supposed to find a suitable job with all of these APK upload advertisements?

I know that there is a button called flag and another one for filtering those ads, but why there is no limitation or filter for those ads? Shouldn't we take care of them?

Can we at least have a filter for searching based on the location as well?

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Yes you can filter. There's a whole parameters to choose from, to filter the jobs to your liking.


As for the upload app, just let go... The Playstore Scam/Spam Network here is so normal that you can even find freelancers put "app uploader" as their profile title.

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"The Playstore Scam/Spam Network here is so normal" 

I'm sorry, what do you mean by it's normal? Why are they charging people something around 10% and yet, we are facing this kind of issue?

Why can't they handle it and filter the jobs before posting them in public?


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What issue? 


It's a normal job where you should follow all of the best practices such as wait for a funded milestone and submit the job when it's done. See here.




Sorry for the sarcasm. My suggestion if you're interested to expand your client base here would be to keep watching this forum to get insights on current and not-so-current issues. Don't spend money, unless you really² want to. 

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There are many advertisements to upload APK files on Google Play because it is a relatively easy and straightforward task that can be done by anyone with a basic understanding of Android development. This has led to a proliferation of similar advertisements, as freelancers compete for clients. While it is not illegal to advertise APK upload services, it can be considered spam if the advertisements are excessive or irrelevant.


UpWork does have a flagging mechanism for reporting spam, and it also offers a filter to hide similar advertisements. However, there is no limitation or filter for APK upload advertisements specifically, as UpWork does not want to restrict legitimate businesses from advertising their services. As for a location-based filter, UpWork does not currently offer this feature.

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