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Why two filters regarding freelancer's hourly rate?

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Vesna M Member Since: May 15, 2012
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@Edward G wrote:

1. I signed up in September 2014.  I remember choosing an experience level somewhere in the process of creating my profile.  I chose either Expert or 30 years, I forget exactly which.


3. The selection buttons for experience level that clients see are labeled with salary ranges.  Entry level is roughly $18 or less, intermediate is roughly $18 to $31, and expert is roughly $31+.  Those are not firm limits, though.  A freelancer can apply to an Expert level job and bid 3 or 4 bucks, and a client can hire that 'Expert'.


I don't think experience level we set earlier has anything to do with category we were being put in recently.

Because I had two years experience, and so I shouldn't be in "Expert" category today. But I am.


There are freelancers with over $60/h in "Entry" category. It's not hourly rate they bid on specific job post but the one they have on their profiles. Which means potential clients who specifically search eg. lower rates will get list of irrelevant results = freelancers with various hourly rates, and experiences, too. No logic and value in such filter.

Don't correct my grammar!
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Ela K Member Since: Feb 9, 2015
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@Edward G wrote:


2. Upwork is not exactly cross-platform capable.  Features and buttons and menu operations are inconsistent between browsers.  There are some things I can't see or do on Internet Explorer 11 that I can see and do on Firefox 18.  For example, on IE the 'Find Jobs' hint doesn't display in the search box while it does on FF.  The menus and buttons also have browser quirks.


Have you ever tried looking at the same job posting using different devices?

I used an iPhone, iPad and MacBook - and I received different info about the same job on every device. 


On my MacBook I could see a client's preferences (re location, more than 100 hours etc.).

That info is not displayed on neither iPad nor iPhone. On the MacBook I could see that 6 people had applied for said job whereas my iPhone told me the number of applicants was 0. (Cleared cache multiple times)

On my iPad I could also see the correct (?) number of applicants plus the very helpful bid range - which can't see on neither MacBook nor iPhone. Etc., etc., etc.


I am on a basic membership - I am not paying for anything. And I thought I would have to pay to see bid ranges? I recently read a thread posted by a person who purchased a paid membership especially to able to see bids - and she couldn't.




CS suggested I don't use the mobile site to make sure I see all necessary info. Right.

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Edward G Member Since: Sep 22, 2014
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@Ela K wrote:

On my iPad I could also see the correct (?) number of applicants plus the very helpful bid range - which can't see on neither MacBook nor iPhone.


I am on a basic membership

Shh!! Don't tell them about bugs that give us free stuff!!
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Caroline A Member Since: Dec 26, 2014
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Me too !

I was put in the expert category while my rate is only $12.22 


Clients will think that expert is expensive then they wont bother to see me !!


FYI before odesk changed name into Upwork, i always get like 2 - 3 invitation per week

Juuust after it changed to Upwork, I didnt get a single invitation A WHOLE MAY !! (with top rated badge and 4.91 rate)


Please fix asap Upwork if you want to get 10% fee from me like before !

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Krisztina U Member Since: Aug 7, 2009
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When can we get more information on how the level of expertise is determined by the system? This thread dates back to May 14th.

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Stephen B Member Since: Dec 4, 2012
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Indeed - I bumped this weekly for three weeks and got replies (weekly after putting on pressure) from Lena then Valeria then Garnor, all basically saying that they didn't know and would have to go and find out. The last word was on 27 May:


Garnor M wrote:

Hi all,

We apologize for the confusion here. We were misinformed in our responses to the issue. We'll follow up with our teams here so we can address the two issues being highlighted: 1. an inability to modify the experience setting and 2. the impact this has on search results. 


We won't have solutions on these issues right away, but it is something we'll work on.


So, another week gone- anyone there??

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Krisztina U Member Since: Aug 7, 2009
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Stephen, I have the very unsettling feeling that this change (of removing years of expertise) was made for another feature/process/algorithm that is in the works, or was released in stealth mode, and because it hasn't been rolled out yet, or rolled out in stealth mode, the mods can't speak about it.


If this is the reason, then I would kindly request/inspire/plead to consider the effects on us freelancers in the meantime. It's not right to put one group of freelancers (the guinea pigs) at a disadvantage to the other group of unaffected freelancers (for weeks and months on end). I am sure there is a significant percentage of users who would be happy to participate in testing, so I really don't see a need to shove it down our throats. It would also have the added benefit of significantly less bickering and the ability to take your development and innovation efforts more positively and seriously. We've had several instances of features being labeled bugs yet turned feature somehow and vice versa and it's confusing to say the least.


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Suzanne N Member Since: Aug 15, 2012
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I have to agree with you here. I am concerned that I had a couple more folks not able to find me at all unless they used my name in the search. When using the filters for experience level, only one person in this thread stated they were able to find me and I am not sure if that was with my name or searching my work categories. Anyways I still was unable to find myself and a few other people without using my name using the search features for experience. This makes me wonder if this is part of why all of a sudden job invites are completely dead.


I was getting a couple a week when I was available previously but now I am getting nothing. I am beginning to wonder if it is affecting me and others this way how many more that are not speaking out it is affecting?

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Stephen B Member Since: Dec 4, 2012
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Al I know is that ut's understandable hat  when you ask a question of a representative they might not know the answer . So they go away and get the answer and come back to you with it. The only reason it would take three weeks and more is if a) no-one knows the answer, or b) as you say, it's part of something secretive where the true answer is being guarded at all costs. Yes, I do feel like a guinea pig right now.

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi All,


I understand your frustration with the delay in our responses. Here is the information we are currently able to confirm:


- The experience level can be picked by the freelancer during profile set up.
- Currently it's not possible to change this setting after the profile set up. Although it won't be ready in the immediate future, we will work on a way to allow updating of this setting.
- Clients can filter by experience, but it is not one of the factors we consider when offering Recommended freelancers after a clients posts the job. Instead, we base our recommendations on your work history, skills, and past success working with clients.
Thank you.
~ Valeria