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Why unable to bid any application $1-$2.

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Robin C Member Since: Jan 10, 2012
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It will very much affect some aspects of how he works. Not only does he act as a client who has been very verbal about the fact that he often hires low-bidders, he also helps his clients and others find this type of cheep labor. He does have a stake in this race.
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Tony H Member Since: Nov 10, 2011
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Marcia, yes I am also a client. I've hired people for rates all across the spectrum. I typically allow a freelancer to tell me what they are worth and ask them to tell me why. If I see value, and can afford it, I hire them for what they offer. I've hired for anything from $1-$50/hr+ Never for less than $3/hr for basic research for my clients managed accounts. Mostly, I end up looking for temp help that ranges in the $10-15/hr range. The lowest I have paid is $1/hr for people to help me with my personal charitable projects. They are not profitable businesses, they are humanitarian efforts I pay for out of my own pocket. The $1/hr contracts are flexible as can be so the freelancer can do research or write on their own time, whenever they feel like it. It's extra money for them on the side, and better than volunteering. Many people have asked me to work on some of my projects for free (charitable volunteer), but I have always found money to pay them something... even though I can legally accept volunteers. I'm not trying to justify myself to anyone else's opinions.. as I don't care, lol. I could just say 'no' and not offer anyone anything, and just recruit volunteers instead. I wish I could post links, but support told me no last night when I asked to post a link to a freelance forum community I'm building to help low earners learn to do better and help clients learn to hire responsibly and teach them we are actually people on the other side of the screen. In the wake of selective minimum bid selection, I wanted to put a rush on getting the new service up... but was blocked from putting a link here. 10-15% of the money I have earned on oDesk personally went toward building charities and charitable businesses. All the hires I've made on my own client account have been for these types of projects...some failed some didn't. 100% of what I earn now on oDesk is going towards these initiatives. I don't do much here anymore, so my budget is limited. Even so, I give what I can to those who need it the most. So yes, I do have a big stake in this minimum rate move... but it is not financial. I judge my success by the "thank you's" I get, and this new move by oDesk creates a giant and immediate need for something I wasn't ready to implement for a few more months. If I am forced to pay a $4/hr minimum for some of the work I really don't have money for anyways...I'll just recruit volunteers from many volunteer sites, such as the United Nations online volunteer program. That job will disappear. The new minimum won;t force me to pay more, because there just isn't a budget for it. My concern is people being out of work, not my profit margin.
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Exp U Member Since: Oct 29, 2014
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I'm worried right now. I applied and passed for a job but I cannot change/decrease the terms. I talked to my employer. I accepted the offer and decreased the rate but it is still doing the same thing. My profile rate is at $3. My employers offer is $3 but how come Odesk is not allowing me to change the rate for this job? Does anybody knows how to resolve this?