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Will I be seen by Clients that specify Upwork hours when I've only worked Fixed Price jobs?

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Diann F Member Since: Aug 25, 2015
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I'm pretty new here (July) and I've worked one Fixed Price job so far. I received "5 stars all around" feedback, but does any of that matter when I'm applying to another Fixed Price job where the client has requested that the applicants have at least 1 UpWork Hour?  Only ONE hour needed,  and I worked WAY more hours than that during my prior Fixed Price job, but when I apply to these new jobs, I always get the warning that I do not Qualify and that the Client will SEE that I don't qualify.  Does that mean that they won't even LOOK? Or do they have to take extra STEPS to look? I can see being ignored if there are 75 other applicants that OFFICIALLY meet that hourly criteria because they have done that much hourly work, but if there are only a few applicants, and I am more than qualified otherwise, would I most likely at least be viewed?  


And with all that being said, I believe it is a big disadvantage to not have a box that the client could check that includes Fixed Price Work.  If a client is going to request that you've worked "at least 1 Upwork hour" then why can't they also check an "and/or" box requesting that you've worked "at least 1 Upwork JOB"  It only seems fair.  If I work 10 Fixed Price jobs, work 100 hours total DOING those jobs, and then get fabulous feedback for them, I'm still more than likely going to be overlooked for hourly work that has a minimum criteria stated, because I'll never meet the criteria.


Have many of you gotten jobs where you UNOFFICIALLY met the criteria (if it was translated properly) but that you didn't OFFICIALLY meet the criteria as posted by the client?

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Sebastian N Member Since: Sep 22, 2015
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They just want to know if you have worked on an hourly contract before.

Having a checkbox for fixed price work would void any reason to set the 1 hour requirement for that client.


The client has the option to view proposals of freelancers who don't meet all the criteria for his offer.


If the client does not want to work with people who only did fixed price jobs then that is his decision, it's his project.

Clients should not be forced to give everyone an equal chance.


And even if you had worked that 1 hour, he might just browse all proposals and only answer freelancers with 1000+ hours. Who knows. It's up to him how he runs his business.


But nothing stops you from proposing to hourly jobs that don't have a minimum upwork hours requirement.

And after you did your first hourly paid job, issues like that will not arise anymore for you.


Imagine a job offer requiring "Only people from the US / Canada" and when someone feels on a disadvantage, should Upwork add a checkbox for "Also people outside of the US / Canada"? I can understand if you don't share my point of view, because the solution to this example would be to migrate to the US which would be ridiculous. But the requirements are really just to save time for the clients. If there were no criteria like that, they woud have to manually decline people without upwork hours and that costs time  and money.