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Will I face any negative impact on my profile If i use vpn to access upwork?

Hello, I am Ajmin and am a student. My college has restricted using all the websites except a few. Now I am using VPN to access other websites. So if I use a VPN to use Upwork will I face any problem for that such as my account will be banned or something like this. Please let me know so that I can start working on Upwork. Thanks

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using the VPN is not wrong thing. you just need to make sure you using the genuine vpn account and make sure you keep using the region location for best result. if your vpn will keep changing the ips then you can face upwork login or too many security check issues. 



ovarall VPN is safe. 

Rajan Sharma
Cloud Solution Architect | Ethical Hacker | DevOps

Hi Md Ajmin,


You can use a VPN or a proxy while using your Upwork account. In case our team identifies any inconsistencies we'll reach out to you directly for clarification. Thank you.

~ Joanne
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