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Will I get paid whe client has ended contract before I submitted work file?

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Le K Member Since: Jun 11, 2020
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Hi everyone,


I worked with a client and we've done all the jobs via a Google sheet link. The problem is she has ended the contract right before I send the file again via Submit File to get paid.


And now the payment is Pending, not back to my Earning Balance. So does it mean I couldn't get paid? And how do I need to do in this case?

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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When you have an hourly contract, the timing of when you get paid follows Upwork's standard payment schedule. It has nothing to do with whether a contract is closed, or when a contract is closed.



But with a fixed-price contract, such as yours with this client, things are different.


If the money is in the Pending category, it means the client release the money to you. The money remains in Pending for five days and then goes to the Availlable box, which is when you can withdraw it.


Don't worry about the fact that the client already proactively released money to you. You did NOT NEED to use the Submit Work button. The client already has the work she needed and was already satisfied enough that she just released the money without you asking for it through the Submit button.


What do you do now? Nothing. Wait until the money becomes Available. Then withdraw it.

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